Franchise Management

When you are looking to expand your existing business.

From helping you understand the perfect franchise model for your business to making you ready for the challenges we at business plus will be holding your hand through the journey.

Investment Management

when you are looking to fullfill the needs of your growing business.

looking to expand your business? We will help you in raising investments, managing them effectively and hence helping you grow your current business and help you reach new heights.

Buying and selling

Planning to exit your current business or buy a new business?

Looking to exit your business in profits? Or looking to acquire a new business? we will help you set up working plans that are also effective to the prospects.

How we do it?

Effective Marketing

We will be branding and advertising for your project where it matters. For a franchise seeking client the branding is different and for a investment seeking client the branding is totally different hence the approach. With having 7 years of experience in promoting investments for different groups of businesses and having helped 100+ businesses raise their first funding round we make sure YOU come first.

Project Understanding & Prospecting

How will you approach a client if you do not have strong foundations wheather it comes to your project’s PDF, project’s catalogue, sales report, proper agreements and what not, the list is endless and so our checkpoints. We will make sure you raise funding, sale/ purchase or  franchise so smoothly that you dont even notice the heavy lifting this segment demands. 

Legal Support

Do you know what is the number #1 reason businesses are not able to scale? it is the lack of fundamental knowledge of the legal system, project execution and correctly understanding the loopholes of any document. We are backed with a team of 15+ lawyers from high court to supreme court and we will be making sure that not only YOU grow but you grow with security.

Why Business Plus?

Single Platform For Entire Ecosystem

We are an online connected platform connecting Businesses, Startups, Investos, Mentors, Lenders, Incubators and Brokers, across in every industry. Business Plus India offers a platform for companies of every size to promote their business growth opportunities to investors, in a secure environment. Our teams work for you. You decide the information you want to share. We share the details and  recommendations based on your profile and preferences to the prospects and hence keeping your business identity safe with us.

We help Companies Scale Up

We provide an opportunity to connect with a wide network of similar minded investors to share deals and grow your connections, while keeping your important details safe, Interact with genuine and interested customers associated with Business Plus while we keep a track of all your conversations and proposals in one place.

Who we are?

We are the decisive factor behind your success!

We are a team of highly dedicated professionals who have helped many businesses grow rapidly and we have helped those businesses keep that growth as well.