FOCO Food Franchise

FOCO simply means franchise owned and company operated franchise model, in this business type franchise invests capital and BUSINESS PLUS INDIA runs and operates the franchise on investor’s/ franchise owner’s behalf.


How it works?

Its very simple, we at business plus India constantly find good locations that have high online order volume based on the several aggregator’s data.

Once we have a location we open multiple brands in the same outlet known as virtual brands – for example Punjabi bowls serves rice bowls exclusively. They we individually sell all the brands to interested investors.


Why 10 brands?

Because the changing trend of consumer dictates that now they orer from cusine specific outlets only, Like biryani from – biryani blues.

In order to easily manage these brands we have a system in place that ensures each brand gets individual care and attention as well as high volume sales.


Business Plus India Manages EVERYTHING

Employee salaries, Rent , Raw material costs, packaging material costs, electric charges EVERYTHING is effectively managed by us so that you dont’ have to go through the hassle!

YES you can visit endless times to the store as per your satisfaction. 


Transparent as anything!!

Since its a online outlet everthing is online – expenes and income both are online.

Cameras are there to help you view the outlet, since its’ online orders come from swiggy and Zomato so all the applications are provided to you hence you can view the orders in REAL TIME, expense are also updated to you weekly! TOTALLY TRANSPARENT.

Having questions?

ROI that is return on investment depends on various factors such as brand, promotions and market but average ROI is generally 12-15 months as per our older brand’s results.

Franchise Owned And Company Operated model is that model in which investors put in money and we as a company put in efforts and manage everything such as rent, electricity bills and salaries!

YES! we are interested to expand in different cities strategically, so kindly contact us and we will guide you through the process.

Yes you can, Anytime and any day you can visit the kitchens – furthermore we have also give you access to cameras so that you can have a transparent view of the kitchens.

Since all the sales are done via swiggy and Zomato we will share you the login details of swiggy and Zomato so that you have REAL TIME access to the sales and orders, like magic!

Between 10th to 15th of every month you will be getting the settlements of the sales that is 18% on thee total sales done!